• Annually on 1 October.

Preliminary assessment

  • Applications can be submitted voluntarily for a preliminary assessment until 1 September of the year in question.
  • A non-binding evaluation of applications submitted for preliminary assessment will be made by mid-September.


Applications must be accompanied by a standard "cover sheet" containing all the relevant administrative information.

  • The form can be downloaded here.


  • In addition to the completed form, an application must include a number of attachments. Further details regarding the necessary attachments can be found in the form.
  • To comply with regulations, attachments must be labelled.


  • Applications must be submitted electronically. This applies to both the preliminary assessment and the final submission.
  • Applications must be submitted to the following e-mail addresses:
  • Receipt of applications will be confirmed by e-mail.
  • Applications should also be cc’d to:


  • The Board of Trustees reaches its decision on the applications submitted a good two months after the submission deadline.
  • Applicants are informed of the decision immediately after the meeting.
  • Correspondence regarding the decisions of the Board of Trustees is only possible in exceptional cases.

Fact sheet, agreement

  • Following a positive decision, applicants receive an information sheet on subsequent administrative procedure.
  • In addition, an agreement is concluded with the applicants that regulates the obligations of both parties (reporting, payments, etc.).

Frequently asked questions

  • Running costs (staff costs, infrastructure costs) may form part of the applications, provided that they are indispensable for achieving the relevant objectives. The Foundation does not contribute to the general running costs of institutions and organizations.
  • As a rule, grants are awarded over a period of two years. The first tranche is usually paid out in March/April of the year following the decision of the Board of Trustees. The second tranche, which is subject to the submission and acceptance of an interim report, follows approximately one year later.
  • Repeat and renewal applications are not possible.
  • Applications can be submitted in German and in English.
  • A grant is usually a maximum of CHF 200,000.
  • The Iten-Kohaut Foundation attaches great importance to being the main sponsor of the application.
  • Managing Director Yela von Schulthess will answer any questions regarding the submission of applications: